Listen To My Heart Beloved follow the rhythm of my poems
When my heart softly speaks to you
Just try to hear the rhythm of each beat
You’re the reason my heart feels complete ♥

You’ll see a pattern in the syllables of words
The adjectives and nouns add to the verbs
It’s like a cadence being chanted in my mind
The rhythm shapes in paintings refusing to be confined ♥

I wonder where I’d be without your presence inside
I wanna tell you how my heart plays you a melody
The cadence being produced is like a loud drumbeat
And the resulting sound is intoxicatingly sweet ♥

Feelings begins to pulse and I will go writing on
Imagination uncaged following the song untill dawn
I move my head to each verses that’s wrote
With dark mood setting in, these poems are my antidote ♥

The verses must have a strong pulse, a steady beat
It’s on impulse that the melody in me is concrete
You’re now the part of whatever I go through
Listen truly to my heart which softly speaks to you ♥