Listen My Whispers Listen carefully, for my whispers in the evening
Touching your heart, scented wind slowly blowing
I am like the cool breeze, feel me on your face
Your beautiful glow lights my world, with sweet grace ♥

Look off, dear beloved, across the sallow sands
And mark the beautiful meeting of the sun and sea
How long they kiss together in sight of all the lands
Hear the birds singing special love song up over the tree ♥

In through your ears a soft melody, just for you from me
I am present with you in many different ways every day
Your charm attracting me, god wants it this way
See now the moon glow with soft orange in the night sky ♥

Feeling it is touching you, sometimes making you cry
I am present there with you in many comforting way with love
I pray to god thanking him, for sending you from above
O’ beloved feel the rain pouring down as it hits your skin
Making you feel my love and missing you my tears begin ♥

I come to you to be with you together each and every day
Without your love for me to have, I don’t see any other way ♥

You are my love, you are my universe, I’m blessed with your grace
I now close my eyes dreaming of you, I see your pretty face
You touch my soul you love my heart, ah I am glowing so bright
In through my ears, I listen for, your whispers in the night! ♥