Like the dream of laying in a blanket of stars
I dream of you holding me tightly as we dance
Like the first dream, your voice I did hear
My soul inside rejoices each time you are near ♥

Under the sparkling stars and moon so bright
We are lying and holding each other so tight
With this our passion’s flame we did ignite
Engraved on my heart, it’s your name I find ♥

Midnight’s velvet sky reveals you on my mind
Like the dream love will grow deeper with year
O’beloved in your arms, oceans of tears disappear
So far I have felt so weak in a life unkind ♥

You help me through, when to breathe, you remind
Like the dream, a beautiful poem I will recite
It will be like first kiss and our first night
Like the dream, I dream you until morning light ♥