beyond love

Light years away beyond celestial distance
I just dream that you are together with me
Both looking at the spectacular star firework
Floating in dreams where else we could be ♥

The thrills unknown walk by us close
To the sparkle in the myth you have seen
It’s the brightest gleam before the day arise
Beloved there are more chances in your dream ♥

Holding out treasures life gives chances
Creates more and more oceans of opportunity
With all mysteries of unknown territories
Gather the breeze where your shadow will be ♥

But when you turn your face towards me
A tune is heard playing the sweetest melody
Distinction made the cascading beauty
Nectar blossomed into great reality ♥

In the strength of grace and goodness
Extending beyond your another mystery
We stroll into the path of scented bliss
Till the dream ends in the terrestrial sky ♥