poetry in motion

Life is like a poetry in motion
When love is dreamt with pure devotion
Somewhere very deep in the heart
Beautiful like a lovely flower
Blossoming a youthful sweet emotion ♥

With the guidance of mesmerizing dreams
Life will truly prove happier than it seems
Moonlight swirling slowly into the night
Yet look at the distant horizon in sight ♥

You awake your fragile soul at dawn
And then realize your sorrows are gone
Pack up your all troubles into the past
And come to find the true bliss at last ♥

Ride the winds of time dying down at last
Though it seems they roll on really too fast
Look over the sky embracing you and rejoice
How beautifully you carry on is now your choice ♥

Yet if you’ve awakened your soul to love
The heavens and God beckon you from above
God has given me more than just your love
He has blessed a real angel, from above
Who scents my breath and embraces me like dove ♥