girl storyA girl’s Story smile emoticon
Just wanna say life moves on day to day
There is story I wanna say about a girl
Who always lived dream life, lived in a blur ♥

All she thought she had, now turned out to be bad
She always thought and believed she had friends
But I tell you, this is where the story ends
See, all friends there are never very true
Which made this girl feeling so grey and blue ♥

They lied always at her back about it all
And never really cared her feelings at all
So, the girl’s world was really like a dream
And not as peachy as it you might thought it seemed ♥

If it wasn’t the feeling for this one guy
She would definitely pack it up and say good-bye
But the guy made her stop a while and think
That life is not really always tickled pink ♥

You must go on dear and think it through
Even if you find your best friends aren’t true ♥

So, the girl stopped and thought about it
And now decided to really just forget about it
Because in reality, that is the will of the way
And life has to moves on from day to day ♥