loveLet’s Paint the Mood <3
Let us paint this mood
Paint the soul to be with you
Let us brush so light and fine
Just to draw you close to mine <3
Love is like a magical song
Carried on a summer’s breeze
It dances under rays of sun
And whispers through the trees <3
I’ll draw your arms ard my waist
and the crowd ard us I shall erase
I’ll paint the rain that softly lands
On the crescents of your hands <3
Love really can be a thunderstorm
With dazzling bolts of light
Traveling on a mystic wind
It takes your heart to flight <3
I’ll trace a hand to wipe your tears
A calming look to quell your fears
A silhouette of dark and light
While we hold each other tight <3
I’ll paint a sun to warm your heart
Swearing that we’ll never part
I’ll paint the stars in the evening sky
Draw their light into your eyes <3
Love is truly a delicate flower
Blooming in your and my soul
It opens up to touch your heart
And leaves you feeling whole <3
I’ll draw a striking touch of grace
That shows the gentleness of your face
I’ll trace your hand to hold in mine
A touching kiss to mark the time <3
Love is sparked by a lover’s touch
Then turns a roaring fire
The passion burns inside us all
If we give in to desire <3