watch you sleeping

Let me watch you sleeping
So quiet and so warm
I cradle you in my loving arms
As I lie beside you
And I whisper in your ear
I cannot help but tell you ♥

Beloved, you’re very dear
Your loving heart beating slowly
Endless dreams are yours to hold
In the shadows of the sleep
They continue to unfold ♥

Dream on my darling, until the morn
As I lie beside so quiet and so warm
You in my arms so safe and warm
I know there’s nothing in this world
That could ever do any harm ♥

As I lie beside you
And I gently stroke your hair
I want to know you realize
Just how much I really care
As I lie beside you ♥

In the stillness of the night
I know without a doubt, my love
That nothing’s ever felt so right
As I lie beside you
And watch the moonlit stars above ♥

Then turn and watch you sleeping
I am filled with so much love
As I lie beside you
And know you feel the same for me
I know I’m going to be with you
Until the very eternity ♥