lay in arms tonight

Wish to lay in your arms tonight
Our love will stand for rest of our lives
I don’t know how to tell you my care
I love you but I don’t even dare ♥

Make me feel the tenderness of your heart
With the hope that we will never be apart
Baby, it is really magical from the start
Because we resemble this painting of art ♥

All my emotion inside is for you
Love that will never die is for you
Can’t really put it in poetic words
You are my world and this is for you ♥

Tomorrow let me see how much you care
The love with me you want to share
Splitting with you I will not bare
Taking that road I can never dare ♥

Let me know what I really mean to you
Because I believe that our love is true
Hope that you feel the same way too
And loving you is all I want to do
Just give me your heart and I’ll hold it tight
All of your love I’ll make it all right ♥