You will see a million stars lit up in the sky
But a single star in the billions attract the eye
Even though they all shimmer and they all shine
There is only one star that you, I want as mine ♥

Let other stars, my princess, fade and fall
To me they simply won’t matter to me at all
Because when I got you beloved I got sunshine
Who needs the stars dear when you are all mine ♥

Take my hand, princess, trust me I’ll never let go
Beloved how could I ever let my life slip and go
I’ll always be there through thick and thin
Let the earth pass away, my love will never dim ♥

You, my princess, mean the world to me
And I’m certain our love was meant to be
Because it’s been like that right from the start
I have loved you with every beat of my heart ♥

You’re truly my first love and you’re the last
There’ll be no other, I’ve pledged you my heart ♥