loveInnocence Gone <3
Summer wind whistling
Night moon glistening
Howsoever try not to
But we’re all listening <3

Sometimes loud screams
Many a times bad dreams
It’s still very far
But approaching fast it seems <3

Another Sad day
We have lost our way
What all we can do
Is just a simply pray <3

Innocence long gone
Life uncertain, no longer long
We all may not know
But we’re all doing wrong <3

Our true joy lost
We witness Holocaust
We look to see
Hearts covered in frost <3

Hidden wars fought
Hatred and sins taught
We learn to make mistakes
Hoping not to be caught <3

Not taking any blame
We all push ourselves for fame
As advanced as we are
We’re still all untamed <3

Too much false pride
Often needing a guide
We all will deny it
But behind lies we hide <3

Inherently hurting others
Betraying own brother
Many of us forgetting
To appreciate mothers <3

Lies are being fed
Filling heart and head
Through all of these years
Innocent blood has been shed <3

Children abandoned
Lonely and stranded
We’re all wasting the life
That we have been handed <3

Taking from the poor
We’re loving no more
Fight to be free
End up starting a war <3

People starting fights
No longer enjoying the sights
While mere mortals are taking
Our God seems given rights <3

So many soldiers killed
Void can’t be filled
Pay close attention
For pure souls have been tilled <3

Need to find peace
Work together like geese
But greatest of all
The hate needs to cease <3