I Imagine In My Dreams <3
In dreams you’re by my side, feels so right
I see your innocence beloved, feels so light <3
Your elegance, your radiance, I truly adore
I look at you more, each look, I see you more <3
Your silhouetted body shines in the moonlit night
Your beauty radiates keeping me warm in day or night <3
To say I truly love you never satisfies my need
To convey my love, may not seem to be right <3
Still, I keep trying every day really don’t know why
When we’re together we look so cool, give it a try <3
A couple who is destined to be, we appear really
Complimenting in every aspect, each other daily <3
To have you by my side, through life’s joyful ride
Is truly filling my heart with passion and pride <3
Don’t ever forget beloved that this love is for you
For without your true love I’d really have no clue <3