loveIn moonlit night while star shine
When in my mind good things twine
You are the one in my dreams, I find
Every night I wish to see you
To hold you and to feel you ♥

But yet these things I never show
Tonite musical nightingale told me
You too are thinking about me
Just as I keep thinking of you.. ♥

Breezes through the trees are whispering
That sometime between sunset and sunrise
We will meet in heaven’s rendezvous
Ah – and the waning moon promised ♥

You would be there tonight, holding me
Tenderly – singing the love song
I always believe the harvest moon
Also the gentle nocturnal breeze ♥

And how could a nightingale ever lie?
So tonight will be our night of nights
With a million bright stars in the sky ♥

I just want you to know that I’m there
That I waited so long to show my love to you
But you mean more to me, I simply love you ♥