Imagination Unleashed <3Imagination Unleashed <3
Yesteryears, I floated on a white cloud
I know I have made my parents very proud
From there I skipped to a shiny star
In this vast universe so high and very far <3

I clinged onto a dark thunderous cloud
Lightning flashing with thunders so loud
I followed the lightening across the sky
My display of fireworks so far and nigh <3

There I landed on the highest mountaintop
Looked down at creeks flowing nonstop
Saw a majestic condor flying high above
As swiftly and agile as the morning dove <3

I even explored the deepest ocean floor
Rode gigantic waves coming onto the shore
I talked to all creatures big and small
Those that swim and to those that crawl <3

In my imagination I can do all things
I can fly everywhere without any wings
Nothing is impossible in my imagination
In a life of bounds, my abiding consolation <3