Will Do the RestFeeling cool winds whispering your name
Nothing in life will ever be the same
Adequately, I wanna explain my feelings
On and throughout, I continue kneeling ♥

I look deep in your eyes, time after time
Everything about you, I want to call mine
Pictures of you, in the heart of mine
Lost in the wilderness, only you to find ♥

Heart’s compass with no absolute direction
Looking at the mirror I see your reflection
Wishing you to love me, give me a test
Whatever you want and I gonna do my best ♥

Wishing your trust and love, without a doubt
Thinking of you many times than I can count ♥

Tell me you love me, tell me you’ll stay
I swear on you I gonna brighten my gray
Feel my love with hug and take a deep breath
Now close your eyes and I’ll do the rest ♥