If I Ever If I get to loose myself
In the core of your heart
I wish I would become its part ♥

If I ever loose my sight
In your shining light
I know I will not go blind ♥

If I think to abandon myself
In the beauty of your mind
I know I will never regret ♥

If I will ever confide myself
Diving in the sea of your love
I know I will never drown ♥

If I will ever forget myself
While caressing your very soul
I know life would never be the same ♥

If I ever feel to get upset
Submerging my face in your palms
I know you will make me cheer ♥

If I will ever lose my way
In the preaching of your course
I know you would not let me down
I know the perspective will change ♥

If I take these bold steps
And walk through those paths to you
I know I would be victorious ♥