If I Could Write If I Could Write <3
If I write it in a poem
The anxiety always hovers
You may not trust the words
You may think of other lovers <3

Or you may yet debate
Feelings fashioned in form
Are for a wider audience
Passion comes by storm <3

So, if in calm reflection
I write of my deep love
You may stifle a little yawn
You may say, “What does that prove?” <3

My troubled mind’s confused
I cannot rely on skill
If only you could enter me
And discover my true will <3

You would sample exquisite pain
That sunders and unites
A rampant ripping rage
A bedful of delights
A brightly perfumed spotlight <3

That illuminates the day
Which quickly clicks into dark fear
Whenever you’re away
A body ever on alert <3

From wanting you so much
Where the blood tingles in my veins
Anticipating your touch
An ever watchful eye <3

That hungers for your sight
A burning yearning fire
A need to hold you tight <3

My darling, when you read this
Know it’s just the start
I’ve still so much to say to you
And it’s all a work of heart <3