i wonderI wonder why the moon is only noticed at night
Or if your thoughts make my dark days bright
I too wonder how you feel low with nothing to say
I am here to cheer you up for the rest of the day ♥

I wonder why in my dream I love to hear you sing
Or that all the times when I feel your touch, it sting
I wonder why I love to stare at the beautiful skies
Or if you ever noticed how I get lost in your eyes ♥

I really hate it when I ever come to see you sad
I immediately start praying for you to ward off any bad
I believe you got some sort of special super power
To make me feel that I am on the top of the tower ♥

If only I believe to be your very special dove
I’ll take you away from the world and show you my love
I’ll always be with you if you want to talk
I’ll care for you with love and take you for a walk ♥

I won’t get you to say anything you don’t like
You are free to share anything nothing to hide
Let me speak your mind, I can help you through
Because whatever happens, I’ll always love you ♥

I wonder if you know that you’re truly so wonderful
Or if you ever noticed how you make me so blissful
I wonder what it would take for you to realize
I’ve been waiting for years for you to become mine ♥