What is LoveI Swear <3
I wish you are here to hug in my arms
I’ll keep you safe from danger and harm
I wish to feel your soft smooth skin
And express what I’m feeling deep within <3
I gonna hold you close in arms very near
And take you away from your pains and fear
I feel so much lost, so lonely without you
I don’t know beloved what I should say or do <3
You’re my healer that healed all my scars
You’re my angel sent from the bright stars
Please take this key that unlocks my heart
I want you here, never want us to be apart <3
You mean so much to me, you’re the one I adore
You’re my everything, I could ask for nothing more
I wrote you this poem to show you how much I care
And to tell you that I’ll love you forever, I swear <3