Beloved I dream of having you with me
I know it’s a selfish silly thing
I am hoping this is the same for you
It is more than a real passing fling ♥

I am writing this to say I love you
I am truly your silly wonder boy
I am whispering and say I need you
I truly love being your favourite toy ♥

Beloved with my love and care for you
I wish to ease away your every pain
I just need to come close to you
This feeling truly drives me so insane ♥

I just want to spend my life with you
Every morning and every single day
I just can’t wait to be with you
These feelings will never ever go away ♥

Beloved I am writing this poem to you
I want you know, your love I wanna seek
I just want to cheer each part of you
To me you’re the one who is truly unique ♥