I Love My Dreams <3I Love My Dreams <3
I truly love my dreams
Where I belong to you, see you
Touch you and really feel you
You are so livid in my dream
And so mesmerizing beautiful
Beloved, I can just only imagine <3

So what if you are far from me
I can always feel you around me
I can feel your touch on me
I can feel your lips on mine
I can feel you talk to me
And feel your beautiful eyes adoring me <3

My dreams seems better than reality
Imaginations are better with tranquility
My dreams are so much in motion
That no one can feel without devotion <3

Dreams are real, believe it or not
They make you cry, they make you laugh
They make you sad, They make you smile
Dreams take us far from reality
Far from all the life’s hassles <3

I wanna woke up with you
Even though you are in dream
I wanna make it real, to feel you real
To explore you sure, without denial
Because my dreams are truly so real <3