I ImagineI Imagine <3
All the time now my mind wanders, it only finds you
I imagine every smile I’ve ever seen, your lips make
I imagine every stare of yours, I caught you in
I imagine the moments when you gonna caress my face <3
I imagine whenever I speak, your name escapes my lips
I sleep and once again, I dream of the conversation
I dream every details of cute thing said and did
I dream of you and you may observe this admiration <3
Everytime my hands feel anything, they only feel you
I dream and feel our hands clasp tightly together
And also feel the silky hairs on the back waving there
I dream us together and hope we’re arms in arms forever <3
And all the time now my mind wanders, I find you
In dreams, I find you right besides me, when I need you
I find your unconditional love through and through
I find you and your heart there for me with a love so true