loveWith these eyes I dream into majestic light
By God that is surely you, I know I am right! ♥

An angel divine from heaven is what you are
Thru star studded skies my mind contained
The solitude of night my heart concealed
Love’s emotions were now so fully restrained
Thus did I hide behind a self-made shield ♥

This in real, I never thought possible for me
You’ve done and that I’ll always treasure
My heart burns fervent with love for thee
Our souls delight in each beyond all measure ♥

Like the moon, stars, and now morning sunrise
so much beauty everywhere, so much grace
You are much more beautiful through my eyes
All I ever dreamed of, an angel divine I trace ♥

Together we’ll always and forever gonna stay
To watch every sunset and sunrise from that day
To each we’ll be true the rest of our lives through
An angel divine from heaven is I always pray ♥

Let’s celebrate this part of our lives together
Let’s see how beautifully and in true love it’s felt
Just the thought angel divine, continues to make me melt! ♥