Beloved I don’t care for the heaven, up above
Because I know my heaven is here and it’s you
Beloved tell me, tell what could all this be
Ah I know this is true love that enthralls me ♥

Its not really just any other emotion
But confidence, affection, and devotion
We might be miles apart or days away
But this love chiseled now in heart will stay ♥

I want to grasp you near and close to me
But knowing I can not, oh why does this be
Caged in, faced hurdles, reaching out for you
So close and knowing you really want this too ♥

Illusions of this true love of you and me
Knowing I’ve to wait for this, bites like a bee
I really don’t know much about the angels
Because I know my angel is here and it’s you ♥

you are in my day and in my lonely nights
you are the melodious song that I sing
you are the life book that I have read
you mean my life and I will live it for you ♥