Hope So TallLife may be the stairway of despair
Complete with broken love affairs
And filled with dreams never came true
Often faded with a simple touch of shame
I see a pretty girl who looked so lame
But very innocent with behaviour untamed ♥

She’s striving hard to keep her head above
Leading a life devoid of happiness and love
Feeling pinned against her life’s wall
She chanced upon a hope so tall ♥

And said, “Please come and share with me
Whatever destiny has deemed to be
I’m through with love, done with chances
Spirit crushed by the fake romances ♥

Just be a friend in word and deed
That’s all that I shall ever need”
Then I remarked her in return
“Emotions do not form a part
of the life’s cold, solid-steel heart ♥

Whatever destiny wanted to give you
Taught life’s lesson through and through
Responsiveness to your love or pain
And your thoughts for love would be in vain” ♥