Holding You in My Heart <3Holding You in My Heart <3
Beloved, How I miss your magical touch
I long for your whisper of I love you so much
This love will be so sweet, so gentle, so tender
So wonderful beloved, just like the sender <3

My love for you gonna be so true and so deep
I pray that my love you will forever keep
I’ll love you more each and every day
I love you, beloved in every possible way <3

I will understand you when you Grrrr #@%$#$%##%%%&&
OMG – that makes me feel prrr @@@%%%%%%%
My arms will be where you want to be
I will please you and you will please me <3

I want to be touching you dear skin to skin
Beloved I am ready for new life to begin
I am counting the days until then
You will long for love, ah never again <3

I’ll love you like crazy for rest of your life
I’ll have the best friend, lover and wife
Beloved, I want to be your everything
I now long to be what makes your heart sing <3

I love you, Darling please never doubt
I love you so much this I wanna shout
Until we are together, hold me in the heart
I’m holding you in mine right from the start <3