Nourish me with LoveHave a Wonderful Great Day <3
Good morning beautiful wake up and smile
Thought of your smile, I smiled for a while
Know your beauty is beyond words can say
Wake up reading this and smile all day <3
Good morning beloved, as you rise and shine
Another day in life has risen wow so fine
Good morning beloved, as the moonlight fades
The dawn appears so bright, open the shades <3
Then, dream until each wish wished is yours
Throughout the day, you’ll move in stride
As I hold your heart in each of my prayer
Every time that you look beyond and outside <3
You will know that I am always waiting there
Good morning beloved, as you greet the world
Life’s fresh beginning has again unfurled
Bringing long awaited goals, giving it a whirl <3
While you truly seek to embrace your dreams
I will keep you safe always, beneath my beams <3
Have a wonderful great day! <3