Happy Navratri ♥

Navratri festival churns every soul to rid of negativity
Our inner conscience wishes the power of positivity
The positivity in each of us rise high in the intensity
The regressive aggressive imbalance turns to serenity

Navratri Goddess Durga bestows inner shakti prosperity
Blessings of knowledge, wealth with global love divinity
Navratri festival celebration ignites intrinsic activity
For the dormant heart and soul against the negativity

The seed of love sprouts gradually enhancing positivity
And blossoms into the generations of magnificent quality
Navratri celebration charges mind for divine propensity
That builds confidence, kindness, compassion from security

With me the world will stand for curbing evil activity
And our pleasing words gesture induce love – solidarity
Kindness and compassion can overpower human stupidity
And globally spread waves of sacred and divine serenity