Destined to be OneHappy Heart <3
I have a sincere happy heart
That’s so warm, sincere and true
As long as you want it, beloved
It will forever belong to you <3
In dreams your passionate hugs
Truly fill me with desire
Oh, how I want to share my love
You’ve set my heart on fire <3
It’s so completely satisfied
With the thrills you give to me
You have captured it completely
It never wants to be free <3
You hold me so very close to you
And gently whisper in my ear
You know I love you so much
And will forever and ever dear <3
You mean all the world to me
I will never let you go
I’m giving you my sincere heart
My heart and soul loves you so <3
I hope your heart is happy
And feels the same way too
No feeling could be greater
Than sharing a love so true <3