Friendship Day

Happy Friendship Day! ♥
My friend you’re the blessings sent from the above
To guide me and support me with all your love
You’re there truly to guide me to carry me along
To show me the way to help me sing the life’s song  ♥

When either of us feeling stuck don’t know what to do
Remember you’ve got a friend that’s always there for you
Whether we need a hand to hold or someone to lead the way
Don’t think for a second my friend that you’ll impose  ♥

Because “Friends” are always there to help through the day
If there were no such word as “Friend” what would we be
Maybe the wave that guides our ship through the tough sea  ♥

Maybe the wind that carries us when we’re tired and weak
Maybe the answer to the prayer that we all sometimes need
And, truly we don’t know where we’d be, we clearly realize
If God did not intervene and brought us in each other’s life ♥