god7Happy Diwali <3
Wishing you all this festival of Diwali
This grand festival of Lights 🙂

That ends evil after a protracted fight
When goodness with all its might 🙂

Leads us all from darkness to Light
Let dunes of vapors from crackers rise 🙂

Fully engulfed, as odorous air resound
Effusing our joys to all abound 🙂

Pearls of gleams in this autumn night
Adorn everyone’s lives else trite 🙂

With sparklers that motley grand skies
Let us thank the heavenly might 🙂

In this festive season of lights
Wishing you the festival of Diwali 🙂

Gracious festival which celebrates victory
Our ancient festival of myth and mystery 🙂

Mentioned in our mythology and history
This festival signals Triumph over Tragedy 🙂

Wishing you again festival of Diwali <3