Half & HalfHalf & Half <3
Half & Half is how we gonna roll
Such story of life will definitely be foretold
There are thoughts in my mind everlasting
A long life with you is all I’m asking <3
A little time here, a little time there
Us spending time together and not even care
You and I are a vision that will last eternity
A good life with you, that’s for me <3
When beloved I look into the future
All I see is a long yellow brick road
I will walk alongside you while we grow old
I will satisfy all your feelings and need
With every passing day another day will proceed <3
Now I wanna shed all darkness with my mate
Even in my sleep you are my dreammate
I have said these things all before
But right now I mean it so much more <3
You are all that I really need in my life
My love, my angel to help me through any strife <3