Unique zest for life, a grace divine
More intoxicating than candlelight dine
Carefree nature and wild, wild ways
With you always beloved my mind sways ♥

Vivacious black hair and moonlit dark eyes
Truly reminding me of monsoon skies
Gentle spring in your step elevates my mood
Hey, nosy cold and rain, do not intrude ♥

slowly the wind caresses your lovely form
And these waves rush to feel your charm
You tell me what chance do I stand
Against this nature’s wicked game plan ♥

There is no truth between us but love
Lovely as the blue skies you find above
There is no reality but this true bliss
So there! Let me taste your lovely lips ♥

Let me hold you hug you tight in arms
And protect you forever from all harm
Life is too cruel sometimes, my dear
But, I am here for you beloved, do you hear ♥

Spend this life through an eternity with me
I shall never leave you or tire of you
Remind me when this day truly breaks
I will again hold you to feel alive and anew ♥