Gonna Catch You When You Fall <3Gonna Catch You When You Fall <3

No matter what you do, no matter what you say
I’ll be there with you, no matter what time or day <3
Beloved when you find yourself on your own
Remember always that you are never alone <3

I’ll be your moon my dear, I’ll be your star
I’ll be there with you, no matter how near or far <3
When your feeling run down or feeling blue
Remember beloved that I gonna always love you <3

In real beloved, I am still not there with you
But remember that my love is pure and true <3
I’m thinking about you every night and day
And when I’m with you beloved, I long to stay <3

I wish that you always remember and miss me
Because I dream and remember you for eternity <3
When you’re gazing stars, in the eternal blue
Each star out there is a reason why I love you <3

Don’t forget now beloved that you’re never alone
I will always be your heart when yours isn’t home <3
Whenever you’re alone, when no one is there at all
I’ll be right in front, to catch you when you fall <3