God Blessed Me with Magical Wings <3God Blessed Me with Magical Wings <3
God blessed me with my magical wings
And I started to explore my universe
Gazing moon, mercury, venus, mars and jupiter
And finally the mysterious saturn rings <3
But I choose the venus appearing as radiant star
Mars didn’t say a word knowing I will heal the scar
She promised me with lot of passion and dream
She made me burn in sweet fire, I don’t wanna scream <3
Love is a mesmerizing journey between beauty and desire
I heard her with the moon in eyes, hiding fears and sighs
I heard her dreaming with flowers and blue butterflies
Jupiter told me to believe in him, Uranus did even try <3
Unconditional love, Pluto only said, so below, as above
Lost within, darkness all around, what to search in love
I want to marry venus and ride the sun in the night
But I have nothing and what is left is all I hide <3