My LifeIn the peaceful moment with heartbeat
I feel to surrender you my soul
My body showers your fragrance
Every breath I take has your taste ♥

In the silence between each spoken word
I can feel you truly need me
Feeling your touch makes me glow
Those soft spoken words now echo ♥

In this quiet moment between each breath
I feel to surrender you my soul
The dew drops on my lips has your warmth
My eyes sparkle when I think of you ♥

I squeeze in me the moments that I value
In the perfect moment between each touch
I hear your hearts voice calling me
You may be out of my sight but always in heart ♥

You may be out of my reach but always in touch
In the darkest moment before the forthcoming dawn
I really want to taste a sip of your desire
In the endless moments between each and everyday
I just wish that I give you my life ♥