Girl I Dream <3Girl I Dream <3
I have dreamt a girl
Who made me think
Who sometimes wear
A gown in pink <3

Through her style
And the way she smile
She caught my heart
In just a while <3

Through her picture
I looked at her
The things I feel
With time gets stronger <3

I tried to turn my sight
On the other direction
But a picture of her face
Was always on my illusion <3

I don’t even know
How could this happen to me
But I know that it’s real
Not fake or fantasy <3

I found a girl
Who sets something in me
That I can’t really explain
As far as I could see <3

As I close my eye
When I lay at night
She’s the only one
Who was always on my sight <3

If only I had
A right time and a chance
I’ll tell my love
For her with a glance <3

But sadness I think
Was there to fill my heart
Because chances were hard to find
And still were apart <3

I don’t even had time
To hold her near
To whisper my love
I feel to her ear <3

Now how could I tell
These things I feel
And show to her
My love is truly real <3

If I can’t reach her
Because the way’s unclear
For guys like me
To her we’re near <3

Each night I lay
To God I pray
To give me chance
And find me the way <3

Wishing each time
With me she stay
Because every time I see her
All my worries fades away <3

But if chances and time
Will never be mine
Through the pen in my hand
I’ll write on each line <3

To tell this story
Through a poem in my mind
About a pretty girl
Who really I liked to find <3

A girl whom my heart
Really fell in love
Brighter than the stars
From the sky up above <3

Now I will take time
To end this story
About a sweet girl
Who made me think in a day <3

I’ll just hope and pray
Wishing that someday
A time will come
And she will cross my way <3
I have known this girl.. truly <3