True LoveGift of Love <3
Lived with a heart like a stone
I’m sure it had surely lost its home
I wished to be loved and wanted too
And one day in life, then came you <3
This stone slowly begining to melt away
As happiness begins to fill my every day
A feeling so very sweet and special too
I know this is real, I pray it is true <3
My heart now singing a song of love
For I know that it was sent from above
My heart is warm, there is no cold
Hard no more, but with wings of gold <3
It is soaring above the sky so high
Sometimes I’m thinking of why and cry
My heart now singing a loving song
For the part of me I thought was gone <3
The gift that you have truly blessed me
Is so very important, can’t you see
Don’t need any sadness of being alone
For now I feel my heart returned to home <3
Now every year, one year closer to you
Two bubbles burst to form one love true
Together flesh to flesh, Bone to bone
Your love strip me down to my core <3