forever together

I gonna be together forever my cutiepie
I gonna love you till the day I die
I gonna be together with you for eternity
I want us to be happy together for life ♥

I want to laugh and smile with you forever
You are my first love and I’m glad
It will last forever I can’t see you sad ♥

An eternal love that no one could stop
No matter if others try to negatively talk
Not even the worldly forces could stop ♥

My heart yearns for you whenever I think of you
I love you, my love, my dear heart
Forever you shall hold the key to my heart
No matter what happens, never think I leave you ♥

I gonna be together with you for eternity
Until the day God calls me his home
Until I am able to reach eternity’s shores
Until the very last blessed poem I write
Baby, I am yours and forever yours! ♥