Just in DreamsFor You <3

Beneath the stars bewildering light
In the stars eternal glow into the night
I feel every star has a tale of its own
So far off while everyone feeling alone <3

I’m Walking along the soft, sandy shore
Under the sky of a sparkling midnight blue
Glancing at the sea in its calm azure
Swaying to the rhythm of the moon’s allure <3

The glistening moon pouring its magical rays
Adding sparkle to shells upon the silvery way
I’m gathering it gently one by one… and
So plain and empty they appear in my hand <3

Not worth a find, nothing special to keep
All pieces of stones.. lying in a dull heap
I’m tossing them towards the sea.. one by one
Quiet, rippling waves they go down, one by one <3

Submerged in thoughts in a world of my own
Thinking of someone as I walk all alone
Empty handed… still content from within
For the richness I have in heart and hold within <3

Deeper than the sea in the depth of my soul
A gem well preserved… much rarer than gold
Encased in its cocoon shell and never apart
That is you beloved the ‘Pearl’ of my Heart <3