True LoveFor You <3
If I’ve the real status of a king
There’s so much beloved, I gonna do
I will surely build you a royal castle
High up on a green beautiful hill
While all of your dreams I’ll fulfill <3
If I become a captain, on a ship in the sea
You’d be by my side, to sail away with me
Swayed with the wind, We will follow a star
Like the beacon, this star guides us from afar <3
If I become a pilot, on a shuttle to the stars
We’ll fly to the moon, and romance over the Mars
We could take a ride, beyond this Milky Way
And visit other planets, in galaxies far away <3
I gonna find you world, one to call your own
Beautiful wondrous place, We gonna call our home
But I’m not any pilot, on a star ship’s crew
And my heart is all that I can give to you <3