love poemFor Tormented Soul </3
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
When you’re surrounded with problem in your life
And when your soul is tormented with hurt and strife
Beloved I will always be there for you to hold on to
No matter how in your mind you think it is not true
Weather I’m present there or just in wandering mind
Forget all your sorrows, go ahead dear and just cry <3
When you come to know, your life has lost all hope
And now you must understand the answer is not a rope
Or a jump, a gun or a knife or anything else
The answer beloved is looking inside of yourself
If you cannot do this, dear just look in my eyes
If you find no answers there go ahead and just cry <3
You are a very precious soul and lot more too
You know that with all that you are, you are just you
Thats why I wish you with me, love you and care
I am not afraid of anything because I know god is there
But when you question yourself again and again, why
Do me a favor beloved, go ahead dear and just cry <3