Flower BloomSee the flowers bloom, it’s really an awesome sight
They’re opening the petals to catch hold the light
Nature waters and feeds them and take special care
As we want its beauty to be always there ♥

Brilliant colors I see are a shock to behold
Colors blend together or stand out vivid and bold
But if earth get careless and forget to feed
It opens the door to some dark ugly weeds ♥

If left unattended, they can block out the sun
And if the same persists too long the damage is done
That’s how the wrong choices are in the life
As mistakes might happen in the paths of the life ♥

There is always the good and there is the bad
They both make up the life that we intend to have
The question is, which one will hold and sway
Which one will you let take over your day
Lord, gives you the conscious strength to make decisions
In the paths of the life, for our flowers to bloom ♥