Fields of Love Will be Forever <3Fields of Love Will be Forever <3
Those fields of gold in summer
How they swayed beneath the sky
Dancing to the tune of a lover’s song
They soared from earth so very high <3

Then came a gush of cool crisp air
As Autumn slowly took her hold
Those fields of gold, they withered
Their hue seems no longer gold <3

The winter’s fury, it felt so fierce
It smothered over what was left
Those fields of gold, they struggled
But ultimately died a painful death <3

Then comes the warmth of springtime
The winter’s fury slowly melt away
And a bud upon those fields of gold
She silently rose and slowly swayed <3

She woke to find a shiny morning sun
That shone so bright and warm
Those fields of gold would live again
But in some different form <3

The laughter of a whispering wind
Brings in mind the special love
Whose dreams will last forever
For true love I believe, never ends <3

Fields of love will be forever <3