feelingsFeelings which were once forbidden
Are now expressed to her nothing hidden
Here the lover sleeps, amid his dreams
His angel comes riding over sunlit beams ♥

To waken him with kisses so sweet
For love running in her veins, oh so deep
She wakes him with her caresses light
Upon his skin and she smiles so bright
And in her eyes, he sees the love inside ♥

She feels for him beneath stars above
He comes to her to gently place
Kisses upon her lips, neck and face
To caress her body and touch her soul
For together two become a whole ♥

The love they made is deep and true
And in this embrace their love renew
When all is done and all’s been said
Upon his chest she rests her head ♥

And hears his heart beat for her alone
A greater love, alas, he’s never known ♥