love poemFeel the Love <3
Wishing you close to me but yet so far
Beloved I am up here among the stars
Raise your head and look at me
I am opening my heart to you and only you <3
Can see what is hidden deep within
And only you carry my heart, my poems, my art
O’beloved I am floating, Something in me
Flies, Something in me gets lost among <3
These fairies and the butterflies
I can feel you close, I can see through
Sweet trance as we will glide and dance
I am feeling as if I m on cloud nine <3
Beloved feel with me serenity and peace
This moment to me seems forever
And this moment is a true masterpiece
Come to me now and hold my hand <3
Guide me to hope, let’s see the moon
And our flowers coming into bloom
Sweet steps taken through tomorrow
The love light embracing our souls <3
Such a sweet magic truly is just for two
This sweet and beautiful love is just for you <3