Love Over Terrace

Untill the sun rise in east on every day
Untill rivers flow to the oceans every way
I don’t care about the heaven up above
Because I know my heaven is truly with you ♥

I really wish to spend my life with you
These feelings inside me I know are true
Being away from you is so hard to take
A wonderful life with you I gonna make ♥

You are truly the reason what I live for
I wanna enjoy our union and wanting more
I may seem selfish at times, can’t let go
I will love you always this I tell you so ♥

I don’t know much about the sweet angels
Because I know angel is here and it’s you
I gonna stand by you no matter how long
Our love will be like the notes to a song ♥

We will create a melody for everyone to hear
Bringing with it emotional laughter and tears
Night candle burning against the night sky
A beacon for our hearts making us feel high ♥