writing poemFear and Hope <3
If you fear losing something you love
Like their rejection would be no surprise
Even if they never tell it out loud
One may figure out by look in their eyes <3
Introspect the anxiety is due to some action
We must think during the walks of the life
We would be lying now if we tried denying
We would then cause our own misery and strife <3
There is a simple voice inside of our heads
That guides us in life of what is to come
Deja vu…. we feel turned upside down
Is what I believe it may seem like to some <3
Whether it’s foresight or just premonition
It surely leaves you feeling quite strange
Whisper or shout, it allows for no doubt
That your fortunes are now due for a change <3
The cyclical nature of the human condition
Prevents everyone of us from being at ease
It bars the door to the peace that we seek
It’s kind of a lock without any real keys <3
Remember hope and fear are two sides of a coin
With some optimism or may be fully insane
It’s not everyday that just one will hold sway
In the end everything adds up to the same <3
Listen to this then, if you should find
Your emotions won’t give you any breather
I’m telling you, dreams don’t often come true
But dear the nightmares rarely do either <3