Everyone Should Fall in LoveEveryone Should Fall in Love <3
I wish everyone should fall in love
It’s amazing to soar in it like a dove
Love only takes us higher and higher
Feel the vibration and energy flier <3

Right from early morning, till sleep
We give and pass so much in love
Just a good morning from love makes day
This passes away without any say <3

Her slightest presence can make you awake
Keep calling her by cute name for her sake
Give her you care and talk her in her low
She will help you speed up when you’re slow <3

Match with her foot while you’re walking
And give smile whenever she applauding
There is no greater joy then with her
Hold and hug her tight to know better <3

Keep calm and now look into her eyes
She can make you swim in her vast skies
Just do for her sake of real beauty
The heaven door will open only by her key <3