Dreamt Today <3Dreamt Today <3
I had a dream today on my way
you were waiting there in rainy day
Bus came and hauls in front
You slipped and I hold your hand <3

Your soft and warm hand energize me
Like current flows through body
In this chilling weather you summarize
I had a glance of yours and vaporize <3

We fixed out date to meet one day
I had every arrangement done
You came with a freshness of smile
I hugged you polite and sublime <3

We talked a lot about each other
Holding hands and gentle kisses
Then I took you in arms and in bed
To let your soft fingers spread <3

I shiver with your every touch
Pulling you more and more closer
Warm hands were doing its part
I pray to god, don’t make us apart <3

As your warm fingers reaching every part
My cold body becomes excited so far
Our love and excitement reaches peak
Souls on fire surely do it quick <3